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Sierra Cascade Family Opportunities

About Our Partners At Sierra Cascade Family Opportunities

SCFO provides high-quality child development services including preschool, infant and toddler care, home visiting, and services for pregnant women. Children and families receive comprehensive early childhood development, family support, nutrition, health, mental health, and disabilities services. All services are free of charge to enrolled families.

Child Development Centers
SCFO offers center-based services through classroom learning and care in our Early Head Start, Head Start and State Preschool programs. All classrooms utilize the research-based, High Scope Curriculum that promotes independence, decision making, cooperation, creativity and problem solving in young children. Children are provided healthy meals, nurturing caregiving and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities every day.

Home Visiting
SCFO offers Home Visiting services for infants and toddlers. The Home Based programs offer the freedom of learning in the child’s natural environment. Family Educators work with parents during weekly visits to enhance learning opportunities in the home. Socialization events are offered twice monthly so children and families can interact with each other.

Prenatal Services
Prenatal mothers receive individualized support and assistance to prepare for the arrival of their new baby through home visiting. Family Educators help families achieve a positive birthing and postpartum experience, connect families to resources and support the transition to parenthood. 

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Sierra Cascade Family Opportunity Services

Sierra Cascade Family Opportunity

424 N. Mill Creek Rd
Quincy, CA 95971

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How To Enroll: 
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