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California Tribal TANF Partnership


The California Tribal TANF Partnership (CTTP) program utilizes federal and state funds to support a variety of temporary services to Indian families. An eligible Indian child must reside in the home and meet the financial eligibility criteria. These temporary services include cash assistance, educational activities designed to increase the family self-sufficiency, welfare diversion assistance, and supportive services. Families are required to: show proof of their county of residence, that their children are members of a federally recognized tribe or a descendant of the California Indian Judgment Rolls and that the family income does not exceed allowable limits. Once a family is determined to be eligible for Tribal TANF services, the following TANF assistance and services may be available to the family. Families provided TANF services are required to engage in valid work activities up to a minimum number of hours per week, unless they meet CTTP’s exemption criteria. A CTTP caseworker or site manager will be able to answer any questions and assist families to complete applications and to determine if the family is eligible.

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1626 Main Street, ite B, Susanville, CA 96130

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