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Lassen Child and Family Resources


Services: Lassen Child and Family Resource offers a variety of information and resources to meet needs of children, parents, child care providers, agency personnel and the general public. Programs include Child Care Resource and Referral, and subsidized child care services. Child Care Referrals: Provide brochures and information on parent and child issues, and referrals to licensed Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes. Licensing Assistance: Staff will provide information on licensing requirements, assistance in completion of the application and provision of resources in the administration and daily operation of a licensed Family Child Care Home and Child Care Center. Car Seats: Convertibles for infants 5 pounds to 30 pounds or High Back Boosters for 20 pounds to 50 pounds are available for a six-month loan for a deposit of $15.00 or purchase of $45.00. Lending Library: The resource lending library consists of toys, books, VHS, DVD, and games available to parents, providers, and the general public. Items may be borrowed for a two-week period at no cost. The library is open Monday through Friday. Trainings: CPR and First Aid trainings are available several times a year. Trainings for Licensed Family Child Care Homes are also available on various aspects of caring for children. Subsidized Child Care Programs: Subsidized child care for income-eligible families is available through Calworks and other programs. There are several ways to qualify if you are working, going to school, or in a training program. A State Preschool program for 3 and 4 year olds is also available to qualifying families in Susanville and Westwood. Infant/Toddler Program: In-home assessment and training for those handicapped, or at risk of developing a handicapping condition. Any child who seems to be experiencing a delay in development of language, hearing, or motor skills, or in learning, social, or self-help skills may be eligible. Premature birth, low birth weight, or birth traumas are also risk factors to prompt assessment. The program consists of a toddler group two times a week and weekly home visits to enhance developmental skills with parents and infants. Eligibility: To age three, then referral to preschooler program. No income eligibility requirements.

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472-013 Johnstonville Rd, Susanville, CA 96130

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