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Lassen County Foster Youth Services


Provide support services to foster children who suffer the traumatic effects of displacement from family and schools and multiple placements in foster care. FYS Programs have the ability and authority to ensure that health and school records are obtained to establish appropriate placements and coordinate instruction, counseling, tutoring, mentoring, vocational training, emancipation services, training for independent living, and other related services. FYS Programs increase the stability of placements for foster children and youth. These services are designed to improve the children's educational performance and personal achievement, directly benefiting them as well as providing long-range cost savings to the state. We assist with: School services to maintain educational stability, Immediate enrollment in school ,Timely transfer of educational records, Obtain Immunization & medical records, Transportation planning, Referral to services, Linkage to college/vocational programs, Filling financial aid forms (FAFSA), Academic tutoring and mentoring, and Filling out Medi-Cal/CalFresh forms.

Contact Info:




2950 Riverside Dr suite 101, Susanville, CA 96130, USA

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