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Acorns to Oak Trees

About Our Partners At Acorns to Oak Trees

At Acorns, we prioritize our core values of passion, relationships, and village. We believe our passion and commitment to advocate for the tribal community is the first step in change and growth. By establishing and maintaining relationships between tribal communities and state and county agencies, we yearn to better serve tribal children and families with special needs.

Outreach Events - Helps raise awareness of the importance of early detection and intervention of developmental delays through Harley's Hope Project, using traditional native storytelling.

Education and Advocacy- Native American Community Navigator Program - IFSP(Individual Family Service Plan) & IEP(Individual Education Plan) technical assistance and self-advocacy training.  

Future Service Plans Include - Therapeutic Services such as Occupational Therapy etc.

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Acorns to Oak Trees Services

Acorns to Oak Trees

35008 Pala-Temecula Rd #470
Pala, CA 92509

Contact Number:

1 (858) 361-9544

M-F: 8 am
- 5 pm


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