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Lassen County Emergency Preparedness


Lassen County Public Health Department has overall responsibility for protecting the public's health during a public health emergency. Prepare and plan for public health emergencies with the community partners and agencies with whom we respond. Coordinate with Lassen County's healthcare system to enhance readiness and response capabilities for public health emergencies. Plan for dissemination of health information during public health emergencies to ensure residents and visitors have the most accurate and updated information. Plan for mass countermeasure dispensing and vaccinations in the event of an emergency where medications/vaccines are available. Coordinate with epidemiology regarding surveillance of disease within the county to ensure early detection of outbreaks. Exercise with community partners and agencies to ensure a timely and well-coordinated response.

Contact Info:

Lassen County Public Health Main Line: 530-251-8183

Emergency Preparedness Program Coordinators: Jim Uruburu: 530-251-8186 and Cecilia Granados-Aguilar: 530-251-8547



1445 Paul Bunyan Rd. Ste B, Susanville CA. 96130

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